The DaQuinCIS Broker: Querying Data and Their Quality in ...

data. In this paper, a framework and a related architecture for managing data
quality in cooperative information systems is proposed, as developed in the
context ... carried out on the basis of comparisons among different copies, in
order either to ... 1 ?DaQuinCIS ? Methodologies and Tools for Data Quality in
Cooperative In-.

criteria for evaluating usability evaluation methods - CiteSeerX

an essential quality of software systems. ... discussion and refinement of the
principles and techniques used to approach UEM evaluation and comparison. 1.
INTRODUCTION. The concept of evaluation dates back to the .... quantitative
usability data to identify convergence of a design to an acceptable level of
usability, to.

Incubator best practice: A framework - DiVA portal

viewed as a tool for promoting the development of technology-based growth firms
. Considering the ... The framework is applied to 16 Swedish incubators.
Keywords: Incubator, performance, best practice, incubator model, selection,
business support, mediation ... evaluated and compared (Nolan, 2003; Phan et al
., 2005).

How to measure customer satisfaction

work and provide valuable material for questionnaire ... first step, it involves
understanding what customer ...... on the same individual several times until a

Determining the quality and complexity of next ... - Genome Biology

22 juil. 2010 ... 2.4.1. Fonctionnalités à mettre en ?uvre. 54. 2.4.2. Gestion des connaissances :
modalités de traitement des anomalies. 56. 2.4.3. Organisation. 67. 3. Gestion
des anomalies et Data Quality Tools. 69. 3.1. Data Profiling. 70. 3.1.1. Définition.
70. 3.1.2. Data Profiling à l'aide d'outils de qualité des données.

Dual Assessment of Data Quality in Customer Databases

However, to our knowledge, most tools fail to accommodate for differences in
library size and do not reliably expose problematic samples nor provide infor-
mation on potential sources of variation in series of se- quencing data. Here, we
present a method, k-mer Profile. Analysis Library (kPAL), for assessing the quality

Best Practices in Data Migration

Quantitative assessment of data quality is critical for identifying the presence of
data defects and the extent of the damage due .... Shankaranarayanan [2007] as
a basis, this study extends the framework into a methodology for .... Some ETL (
Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) tools and other com- mercial software
also ...

Proficiency testing Program for us state Weights and ... - NIST

accomplished using a feature-rich data integration tool that supports iterative
methodologies. Although ... include data profiling and data quality. Best practices
for data migration must support its iterative nature. ETL is the preferred
technology for data migration. ..... Profiling can compare source and target
applications or.