Turbulentni struktury v tokamakovem plazmatu

magnetic field, with gradient direction matching that of the local edge plasma
pressure ... tokamak SOLs. In showing that the measured turbulence driven cross
-field particle flux in. TCV is quantitatively consistent with interchange physics, a
path is opened ..... to the first thermonuclear hydrogen bomb test explosion in

Experimental investigation of turbulent transport at the edge of a ...

Measurement of edge electrostatic turbulence in the TCV tokamak plasma
boundary. PhD Thesis .... The flow and fluctuation data have been combined to
test the possible link between flow generation ..... 1.3 : Variation of plasma
pressure, electric potential, ion and electron densities and fluid velocity for
magnetized plasma ...

Simulations of Edge and Scrape Off Layer turbulence in MAST ...

Sep 28, 2011 ... Nicolas FEDORCZAK. Etude Expérimentale du Transport. Turbulent au Bord d'un
Plasma de. Tokamak. Soutenue publiquement le 24 Septembre 2010 devant le
jury composé de : Jean-Marc LAYET ...... measured during experiments,
especially at the plasma edge - see chapter 3 3.8. Historically, the ...

Experimental and Numerical Characterisation of the Turbulence in ...

The L-mode interchange turbulence in the edge and Scrape Off Layer of the tight
aspect ratio .... tokamak geometry). Our calculations provide a first attempt at
predicting what is the impact of a longer connection length on the SOL turbulence
and therefore at ..... give a measure of the width and the steepness of the SOL.

Edge turbulence in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak - User Web ...

the temperature fluctuations on plasma potential and radial velocity
measurements acquired with Langmuir probes. ... SOL in TCV (Tokamak a
Configuration Variable) [6, 7, 12, 13] and JET (Joint European. Torus) [14] were
captured by the ESEL (Edge-Sol ELectrostatic) code [10, 15] (positive preliminary
results were also ...

OV/P-9 Overview of simulation results using ... - iaea - nucleus

Edge turbulence in the Mega-Amp. Spherical Tokamak. Benjamin D. Dudson.
Trinity College. University of Oxford. A thesis submitted for the degree of. Doctor
of ... show the presence of an electrostatic drift-type wave 1 ? 2cm inside the ......
The standard way of measuring the performance of a fusion plasma is in terms of.

Real-Time Control of Tokamak Plasmas - International Atomic ...

extended Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic (MHD), edge physics, heating and current
drive, integrated modelling of fusion plasmas, ... of magnitude less test particles
are needed for a given noise level (9). A new ... ballooning mode (KBM)
turbulence in Tokamak plasma was investigated by electromagnetic gyrokinetic