Treaty Series Recueil des Traites - United Nations Treaty Collection

28 juil. 1977 ... ront soumettre des recommandations de politique g6n~rale A l'examen des
responsables respec- tifs du SMA et de ..... 12) COBEPLUEHO B BaUIHHrTOHe
27 4,eBpais 1974 roga B ABYX 3K3eMnITHpaX Ha ...... importados por el
personal militar mencionado en el Articulo 50 . para su uso per- sonal o de ...

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idea of the variations as a class. Therefore, after a brief ...... 50:6. The context
shows it to be wrong. "Av6Tprog is used indefinitely, as several times. In 8:6 Av ri '
Jopa4X arose probably from confusing '3 with j and thus b would seem a ..... In 4:
8 for Sg/O, the LXX. has rac 'Pvxa aijr&v; the Peshitta, td. ; the. Vulgate, "animas ...

The Life and Work of St. Paul - Forgotten Books

hvvdp,eo)^. 3 ovhev aTreanv, eaTxevcre htaywviaaadai. Kal TOi? pLev LTTTreva
-iv dvapl^a<; ro TreXraanKov, eXavveiv. eKeXevcrev (o? Td')(^Lara kol ...... 50.
PLUTARCH'S LIVES. XTX. *A'yr]aiao<;. Be,. KaiTrep vtto Tpavfxdrcov 601.
iroWcov KaKO)<i to cTM/ia BiaK?i/jL?vo<;, ov irporepov iirl aKT]vr]V aTrrjkdev rj.

L149 - Hippocrates

from Rabbinic fau lts. ?Exam p les of his allegoric method. ?St . Paul a.
Hagadist?The Hagada and the Halacha. CHAPTER IV. SAUL THE PHARISEE.
Earl ...... 50. THE LIFE AND WORK OF ST. PAUL. difference from the Ju daeo-
Christians was his denial of the perman ent validity of the entire scheme of

The Revelation of the Risen Lord - Westcott and Hort Resource Centre

50 diroOavelaflat etc tov rpoop,aTO<; oirov dv rr)<i. 51. KecpaXr)<; e%G)v. 2 to
rpcbp,a. III. At Be eBpai rwv fieXecov tcov o^ecov tea*. /coveporepcov, avral cttI
acpwv ...... some lessons in composition. But if we look for traces of rhetoric in
what are now considered pos- sibly genuine works, we are surprised to find them

ibrary - University of Toronto

8vo. ALEXANDEE (A.) Encyclopedic des Echecs, ou Resume ...... Bononice,
1517. folio. Ammianus Marcellinus, a Mariangelo Accursio mendis ...... Revue,
corrige'e et augmented par les soins du P. Ange et ...... ou examen des communs

Lives. With an English translation by Bernadotte Perrin

Revue, corrige'e et augmented par les soins du P. Ange et du P. Simplicien ......
1849-50. post8vo. ATKINSON (JAMES). An Account of the State of Agriculture
and Grazing in New South Wales, &c. Lond. 1826. 8vo. ATKINSON (JAMES). The
Expedition ..... Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament. 2 vols.
Oxford ...